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Criminal Defence

Finnigan Smith Law assists clients in matters throughout the entire criminal law process - whether it be attending to see you in the watchhouse after things have gone wrong, or attending your first appearance before a Magistrates Court to do an initial bail application.  We continue to assist and keep you updated every step of the way.  Knowledge is power; knowledge about your charge, and the system.  You don't need to worry about chasing us up for updates on the progress of your matter; depending upon the offence, the matter may need to be heard in the District or Supreme Court, and you will be updated via phone as well as in writing at each stage.

Having an experienced and sensible lawyer on your side from the beginning of the legal process can be invaluable.  We don't promise you the world; we tell it to you straight so that you can properly evaluate your options.  In our experience, you might not like what you hear, but that's because reality is often a hard pill to swallow, particularly when your freedom is on the line.  We are passionate advocates who will ensure your rights are protected, and that you have the best chance to secure the appropriate result - however, we will not sugar coat the reality or likely outcome for you.

Ultimately, we follow your instructions while complying with our legal and ethical duties, however, you will be given some very sage advice - and disregarding it is your informed choice.

We have assisted clients in a vast array of criminal law matters, ranging in seriousness from disqualified driving, to public nuisance, to attempted murder.  Kristy, our Legal Practitioner Director and Principal Lawyer, has run these matters as summary/jury trials and on sentences as a Barrister, in all jurisdictions of the Queensland Criminal Courts.  She has a unique insight from her experience as Counsel, into the often unavoidable things that can (and do) make or break a case, when it reaches trial or sentence.  Kristy endeavours to ensure that every 't' is crossed and every 'i' dotted, so that you are never disadvantaged by the process itself.

Being charged with an offence is a stressful time for you and your family - let us be your voice, when it matters most.  Please contact our office on (07) 3180 8801 for a confidential discussion about your criminal matter.  

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