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Help: I am in Court!

We get told this a lot, 'I am in Court and I REALLY need help!' But what does it exactly mean to be 'in court'? A lot of our new clients come to us confused about what stage their matter is at.

We have met new clients who are involved in either early negotiation and/or litigation, who literally (and unfortunately) have no idea where their matter is at. This is due to a lack of communication by their former legal representation, who have not kept their client sufficiently in the loop - no phone calls, no correspondence - nudda!

Our office operates by the 5 COMMUNICATION COMMANDMENTS: Questions that a client wants and deserves to have answers to. In finding a solicitor that is right for you, make sure that these questions are always answered:-

1. What options are available to me?

2. What are my prospects of success?

3. How much is it going to hurt my pocket?

4. What is involved with getting it done?

5. How long until the matter is complete?

The Legal Services Commission lists these 5 questions as the top 5 questions that a client wants answers to; and rightfully so.

This is also why we decided to engage a 24 hour policy wherein all emails and calls are returned during that time. As a 'catch all', we also have a fantastic 'bring up' diary system to ensure that a client never slips through the cracks.

A good lawyer knows how to communicate with their client and to keep them informed. If you feel that your matter is one of those slipping through the cracks, shoot the firm an email and let them know your expectations. In fact, let your lawyer know your expectations from the beginning, in order that you can develop a relationship surrounding those expectations throughout your matter.

HOT TIP: Your lawyer will not only be your powerhouse, but you will spend a lot of time with them (depending on your type of matter). The lawyer you select should be one you can feel part of a team with in getting to that end goal! Let them know your individual expectations from the get-go and good luck!


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