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The Finnigan Santoso Law Advantage

You might keep seeing our posts across our social media platforms, where we identify ourselves as a ‘unique-boutique’ law firm. You might wonder why we say this – what makes us different from any other law firm?

We will let you in on a little secret, and the reason why Finnigan Santoso has been so successful, less than a year from our launch.

Kristy Crabb of our office is a former barrister, now practicing as our amazing, passionate and extraordinarily experienced Principal Solicitor.

Before the creation of Finnigan Santoso Law, Kristy practiced as a Barrister for almost ten years at the bar in Queensland, in all sorts of complex proceedings ranging broadly from attempted murder, to Family Court trials, to simple offences like stealing chewing gum!

Kristy has appeared as Counsel in appeals, sentences, summary criminal law trials, jury trials and domestic violence hearings just to name a few. All of which means that Kristy brings a wealth of advocacy experience, to our firm.

You might want to know, what does this mean for you as a client? Basically, it boils down to this - our principal solicitor has extensive advocacy experience so you are dealing with someone with counsel/barrister experience, at solicitor’s rates.

Barristers and Solicitors have different roles. Barristers are generally the ones in Court talking to the Judge on your behalf. Solicitors generally do the foundation work to get you to that point.

As a client of Finnigan Santoso Law, you receive the benefit of having a lawyer who knows both roles. A solicitor who can prepare your case for Court & advise you appropriately from Day 1 - knowing exactly what the Judge will be looking for when you get to hearing whether that is in 6 months or 3 years from now.

Part of the reason for opening this firm was Kristy’s frustration at being briefed for trial and being stuck with the case as it stood. The client had often been self represented or incorrectly guided and significant mistakes were made months if not years prior to trial. As Counsel who then had to attempt to undo the damage done it made an already difficult job that much harder. Incorrect advice & preparation at the outset of a matter can have catastrophic consequences at hearing.

We try to settle matters out of Court if we can and where it is appropriate.

However we aim to ensure that IF your matter reaches trial you have the best possible chance at an ideal outcome.

Kristy has a passion for all matters surrounding domestic violence, criminal law and family law.

You can get in touch with us on (07) 3180 8801 to discuss your matter.


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